Redefining the Classroom

Student Worker Policy & Proctors' Rules 


An image of a policy manualThese procedures supersede any and all previous written or orally stated procedures to date and are to be effective on July 1, 2013.

These procedures are designed to protect both student and department from any liability associated with maintaining the integrity of our services and public image. Public image is important: we need to be vigilant in avoiding occasions that may unintentionally give the appearance that we are not faithfully protecting confidentiality, as well as the security and integrity of departmental resources.

Keys and Access to Buildings, Offices and Exams

Access to university keys is for University staff members only.

  • At no time will a student be allowed to enter a locked building unless a department staff member accompanies them.
  • All student workers must wear name badges to identify themselves to faculty/staff who enter the office.  The Student Manager must wear, in addition to the name badge, the student manager’s badge to identify them as the manager when the Director is not in the office.
  • At no time should a student worker handle or have access to a class test for a class in which they are enrolled or a class in which they will be enrolled.
  • Only the Student Manager is allowed to occupy the Director’s desk.
  • Students working late weekday shifts (i.e., after normal closing of the Disability Service’s office) must have consent from the Director.  Students working late must ensure that the Ability Center for Exceptional Students (ACES) lab door is locked before the Director leaves for the day.
  • Students must ensure that the doors are fully closed and the lab is secured before they leave.
  • Absolutely no students are permitted to be within the department area on weekends without an LSSU staff member being present.
  • Changes to any hardware, software, equipment, furniture, or other items must have prior approval from the Director.

Professional Conduct

Student workes must wear their DS name badges whenever they are working. A professional image is to be maintained at all times.  Students are expected to adhere to accepted business etiquette.

  • We must provide confidentiality to our clients. Our office is governed by FERPA and is strictly regulated.  Breaking client confidentiality is grounds for immediate employment termination.
  • We all need to be discreet about what we disclose in normal conversations regarding any individual with whom we have contact (i.e., opinions about faculty, support staff, etc.).
  • We must always be discreet about what we say and what we do.
  • Voices must be kept down at all times and all student workers are encouraged to develop a soft spoken manner.
  • We need to be professional and business oriented at all times (i.e., do not discuss your friends, the party you attended last weekend, or other gossip type information while in the offices).
  • If you find that friends stop by just to chat, keep in mind that if the interaction becomes disruptive, makes our clients uncomfortable, or makes us appear unapproachable, such visits must stop immediately.
  • If any student worker observes a violation of these procedures, or has any concerns about conduct that affects the climate or moral of the department, the student is obligated to discuss the issue with the Director.

In the event that any student worker has questions or concerns regarding these policies, additional feedback is encouraged, they may make an appointment to speak with the Director.


  • This is an image of a woman saying shhhhhh, quiet, exam in progressMake sure that M-Client is running and keep program on-screen.
  • If a student enters the room with a hat, call x2355.
  • If the testing room is fairly empty and students sit in close proximity of each other, go and ask students to move apart.
  • If you cannot fully view someone due to camera placement or angle, ask them to move to a spot where you can see them.
  • Have Daily Proctoring Log available for documentation.
  • If you see something suspicious notify Disability Services immediately and document date/time, channel/desk #, and your name.
  • If you suspect a student has unapproved materials or exhibits suspicious behaviors call Disability Services and document (i.e.: notes, dictionary, phone, electronic device, papers pulled under desk, folding notes, etc.).
  • When in doubt of behavior or materials, call Disability Services and document.
  • Proctors must watch video screens whenever students are testing.  This means proctors cannot do homework, watch videos, be on Facebook, games, phones, tablets, or other visual distracters.
  • Isolation rooms are not available after 5 PM.


Greet all students, faculty and guests who enter the office or the lab. Always strive for great customer service by being friendly and approachable.

Appointment to see Disability Services Director: If someone has an appointment with the Vicki Fox, the Disability Services Director, they may wait anywhere in the lab or outside the Director’s office.  Let them know if they prefer a more generic area, they may sit in the Library study area and you will let the Director know where they will be sitting.  Call the Director and let her know that she has someone waiting.

Answering the Telephone: Answer the telephone, “Disability Services, Lake Superior State University, this is    your name    .  How may I help you?” Substitute ACES for Disability Services if you are in the lab.

Take messages for the Director or transfer them to her if she is available.  When taking messages, write out the message making sure to get a name and phone number then put the message on the Director’s keyboard.

How to check for messages on the phone system: If message-waiting light is flashing on the phone, check the message by pressing the voice mail button; enter the password at the prompt and then the # key followed by the 3 key to retrieve the message. Write down the message and follow the procedure above.

General Information

  1. Be Welcoming to Visitors and Clients: Great care must be taken to welcome visitors to our office as soon as they enter, and to offer our services. Greet each person or call in a warm, sincere, and friendly manner. Be empathic, show appreciation or recognize the feelings of the client.
  2. Confidentiality: Confidentiality of student information and records must be maintained at all times! Any discussion of student problems or records is to be done only by the staff within the confines of their offices. Under no circumstance allow anyone other than those who work in the office to hang around the desk.  Everything we handle is confidential (notes, appointments, notes from counselors, etc.).
  3. Being on Time: For the sake of the smooth running and in the interest of serving our clients better please be on time.  We are extremely reliant upon work-study assistants to be here during their scheduled hours.  It is expected that students will show up to work.  If you are going to be absent for any reason, please give advance notice so arrangements may be made for a replacement for that shift.
  4. Use of Telephone: If you must make a personal call, try to make it brief so as not to tie up the lines for incoming calls.
  5. Passwords: Under no circumstances will students have access to the Director’s personal login to My LSSU, E-mail, Banner, etc.
  6. Congregating at the Desk: Please try to keep the desk areas orderly and business-like. Congregating, socializing, or visiting at the Director’s desk is to be politely discouraged. Keeping an approachable impression for walk-ins is essential.
  7. Homework and Studying during Working Hours: Your work here must be your first priority when you are here.  All related responsibilities have a priority over personal homework.  If you do not see any work to be done, ask if there is something that you can do to help.  Only after you have determined, through inquiry, that all work is caught up may you do homework.  Even as you study, be discreet – always ready to drop whatever you are doing to help a client or answer the phone.
  8. End of the Day: When your shift ends, please be sure coffee pot, radio, lights, etc. are all shut off. Usually, the doors will be locked but propped open.  Be close the doors securely.   

ACES Security Lab and General Morning Routines

  • Opening procedures:
    • If you are the first one into the ACES lab, make sure the security system, computers and printer are on and if they are not, turn them on.
    • If you are proctoring in the lab, refer to the rules above.
    • If you are not proctoring, check for a list of work to be done and choose an item to work on.
  • Room 128 – General cleaning:
    • Daily Cleaning – Clean eraser crumbs off desks and disinfect desktops before students begin testing. Cleaning supplies can be found in the Director’s office in the hutch.
    • Monthly Cleaning – All computer systems, monitors, and desks should be wiped down with disinfectant spray as soon as activity in the room allows.

ACES Security Lab and General Evening Routine

  • Closing Procedures – ACES Lab:
    • If you are the last one to leave the lab in the evening, you must turn off the computers and printer, lights, etc. You MUST leave the security system turned ON.
    • Make sure that the outer door is locked and securely closed upon leaving.

Breaking Rules and the This is an image of the word Consequences.

Each worker will be provided a copy of this document and will be asked to sign a form to signify that they understand them and will abide by the rules and guidelines stated herein.

If a student worker fails to follow the rules disciplinary action will be taken.  DS uses a three strike policy.

  1. One verbal warning
  2. One written warning
  3. One suspension
  4. If a fourth incident happens it will result in the workers immediate termination

Depending on the severity of the offense, verbal and written warnings may be skipped in favor of suspension or termination.  

A breach of student confidentiality is grounds for immediate dismissal.

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