Redefining the Classroom

Mission Statement

Disability Services’ (DS) and the Ability Center for Exceptional Students' (ACES) goal is to collaborate with students to identify, reduce, or eliminate barriers to obtaining education within the most integrated settings possible.

In pursuit of its mission we will:

  • Help students develop self-advocacy, empowerment, responsibility, independence, personal growth, and develop and use compensatory skills.
  • Assure that services LSSU provides to students with disabilities are in compliance with legal mandates.
  • Provide timely, efficient, and equitable accommodations and services.
  • Promote awareness of services and accommodations available through DS to students, prospective students, community, and LSSU: by contacting incoming freshman and transfer students; by presenting informational workshops; by providing informational materials.
  • Maintain academic integrity of LSSU degrees: by monitoring substitutions and accommodations made for students with disabilities; by assuring substitutions and accommodations are being used responsibly.
  • Act as liaison between students, faculty, staff, and others by assisting in negotiation of accommodations, promoting effective educational experiences, and providing services to enable students to have equal access to LSSU.
  • Educate community, faculty, staff, and students about disabilities and prepare each to make use of feedback regarding the quality of educational accommodations each provides.
  • Ensure appropriate documentation indicating the specific accommodations is provided by each student.
  • Keep current regarding trends and issues related to disabilities and inform relevant faculty and staff.
  • Refer students to appropriate organizations when necessary.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 guarantee equal access, not success; success is up to you.

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