Superior Simulation Center

The WMH/LSSU Superior Simulation Center is an innovative instructional program and learning center that provides challenging and immersive simulation training for nurses, paramedics, and other health care professionals at Lake Superior State University and surrounding regions. Through the use of the latest medical simulation technologies, the WMH/LSSU Superior Simulation Center serves to facilitate knowledge acquisition, skill proficiency and patient care expertise for learners in the healthcare field.

Human patient simulators, ranging in age from newborn to adult, are used to simulate real-life patient care experiences, including full-scale medical and emergency procedures.  The use of life-like simulators in clinical simulation allows future and current health care providers to engage in patient care in a safe environment. The reality of simulator-based simulations allows for virtual feedback using computers that regulate the simulator’s actions. These life-like simulators provide realistic heart tones and other vital cues that when connected to monitors, provides real-time information to learners. By practicing true clinical skills in a safe and regulated environment, future healthcare providers gain competence and confidence in their clinical patient care skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an immersive learning environment using clinical simulation for the
enhancement of education and practice in the healthcare setting.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure growth in future healthcare professionals; that they are able to make
judgments and carry out safe, quality care based on critical thinking and research based
knowledge to facilitate disease prevention, health promotion, health maintenance, health
restoration and rehabilitation.

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