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Have you considered working on campus while you attend LSSU?   

Studies have shown that students who work while in college learn valuable time management skills and earn better grades than those who do not work.

Students who work on campus have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning a bi-weekly paycheck with an employer that understands student schedules and works around them.  Most students work 6-10 hours per week during the academic year and up to 40 hours per week during breaks.

Have you been offered an opportunity for campus employment as part of your financial aid award? 

If you filed your FAFSA on time and met the qualifications, you may have been offered an opportunity to be employed on campus.  If you accepted your offer, your next step will be to connect with a campus employer and secure a position. 

An “offer” is not a guarantee of work.

When you accept an offer of work, it means that you can proceed to the next step and seek employment through the student employment job board.

Were you offered Federal Work Study or Campus Job Opportunity?

There are two types of campus employment.  Students are either hired for the Federal Work Study (FWS) program or as Departmental Employees (DPT) referred to as Campus Job Opportunity.  Students who were offered Federal Work Study have received the offer because they qualified under the FWS program rules.  Students offered Campus Job Opportunity do NOT qualify for FWS.

The same jobs are available for students to apply for, under either employment category. The process for searching available jobs and applying for jobs is identical.

How do I find a job?

Go to the Human Resources web page at

Required Paperwork for working on campus

If you get a job, three documents will be required in order for you to be paid. You may complete them now, if you haven't already. Do NOT mail them to LSSU though. While the W-4s can be received via mail, the I-9 MUST be hand delivered, (in-person, by the student) with the appropriate identifying documents. It is simplest if you deliver them all in person to the Human Resources Office at the same time.

  1. Federal W-4
  2. Michigan W-4
  3. I-9 go to pages 4-5
  4. Direct Deposit Authorization (optional)

How employment funds are paid?

After you have been hired, completed all required paperwork and worked for a full pay period (two weeks), you will receive a paycheck for hours worked. If you prefer to receive the funds through a directed account, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization and return it to Human Resources.





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