Cost of Attendance for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

The Financial Aid Office establishes a Cost of Attendance budget each year as the basis of awarding financial aid for the academic year. These budgets reflect the “average cost” of attendance for an LSSU student.

If your actual expenses are higher, you may request a review of your budget for certain expenses.

Do you need help estimating your costs?

Try our online Loan/Cost Estimator Tool.

The Net Price Calculator shows estimated amounts awarded in grant and scholarship aid.

View the 18-19 Basic Educational Costs-Final cost sheet.

Your LSSU Account Information

Your LSSU Student Account charges include direct costs such as tuition, room and board and other related fees. For a complete cost list and detailed payment information, go to

Once you are an admitted student, you will be assigned an Anchor Access Account where your personal Cost of Attendance budget will be shown. You can check your status at My.LSSU.

Student fee statements are sent electronically to your My.LSSU account. If you need assistance with your account please contact the Student Service Center at 906-635-2232.

LSSU One Rate Costs 2018-19

LSSU One Rate Costs for 2018-19
Average Costs for Students Based on Housing & TuitionTuition & FeesMedia & Average Course FeesBooks & SuppliesRoom & BoardMisc. ExpensesMileageLoan FeesTotal Budget
Undergraduate On-campus$11,640$368$1,100$9,882$1,000$600$146$24,736
Undergraduate Off-Campus$11,640$368$1,100$7,800$1,000$600$146$22,654
Undergraduate Living with Family $11,640$368$1,100$4,950$1,000$600$146$19,804
Independent (Age 24+ based on FAFSA info)$11,640$368$1,100$9,882$1,000$600$146$24,736
Graduate $11,220N/A$1,100$9,882$1,000$600$146$23,948

International Rate Costs for 2018-19

International Rate Cost for 2018-19
Average Costs for Students Based on Housing & Tuition Tuition & FeesMedia & Average Course FeesBooks & SuppliesRoom & BoardMisc. ExpenseMillageLoan FeesTotal Budget
Undergraduate On-Campus$11640$368$1,100$9,882$1,000$600$146$24,736
Undergraduate Off-Campus$11640$368$1,100$7,800$1,000$600$146$22,654
Undergraduate Living with Family$11640$368$1,100$4,950$1,000$600$146$19,804
Independent (Age 24+ based on FAFSA info.)$11640$368$1,100$9,882$1,000$600$146$24,736