2020-2021 Transfer Student Scholarships

The eligible student must be entering LSSU for the first time directly from another college (students who have not attended for 2 or more years are not eligible for scholarship consideration) as a full-time student. Awards are based on the cumulative GPA earned at all schools prior to start of the first LSSU semester, with a minimum of 12 earned college credits and a maximum of 124 attempted college credits at any combination of other accredited schools.

Eligibility for renewal is based on number of attempted credits prior to LSSU and provided the recipient meets the University’s Scholarship Renewal Criteria:

  • Senior (88+ credits) = Two semesters of eligibility
  • Junior (56-87 credits) = Four semesters of eligibility
  • Freshman/Sophomore (12-56 credits) = Six semesters of eligibility

Scholarship criteria is reviewed each year and subject to change. Scholarships are described here as awarded for 2020-21.

*Students who have taken LSSU classes prior to admission as a full-time student (such as transfer students from Sault College), must have earned a minimum LSSU cumulative GPA comparable to the minimum needed for the transfer scholarship.

Full Tuition Scholarship

Phil Hart Memorial Scholarship

  • Value: Full tuition up to 16 credits per semester
  • Criteria: Must be a Michigan resident with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Student must be transferring from another Michigan college or university. Student will be invited to apply by November 15.
  • Phil Hart Application

Admission Scholarships

Board of Trustee Scholarships

GPAAnnual Amount

Continuing Award

  • Value: $1,000-renewable for 2 years
  • Criteria: Awarded to re-admitted and transfer students
  • Re-admitted students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Transfer students who have 1-11 credits
  • This award can not be combined with any Board of Trustees scholarships.

Anchor Award

  • Value: $2,000-Renewable for 2 years
  • Awarded to students from select rural high schools. For a complete listing of schools visit http://lssu.edu/scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

  • Value $2,000
  • Criteria: Members transferring directly to LSSU with a minimum of 3.5 cumulative transfer GPA. Must submit proof of membership.