Redefining the Classroom

Annual Giving Programs

Every year alumni and friends give to Lake Superior State University.  The reasons they support LSSU are as diverse as the programs we offer.  However, donors all share a common purpose; making a direct, positive and meaningful impact on our students

Annual giving ensures support for student scholarships, athletics, senior research grants, classroom equipment, infrastructure improvements, technology and so much more.  Many donors make a gift to the Fund for LSSU allowing the University to apply the funds where the need is greatest.  Others designate their gift to a program or purpose that holds special meaning for them. 


Gifts impact LSSU programs every day, providing our students with additional
encouragement and financial support to thrive. 

You may give to Lake Superior State University for many reasons. 
Your gifts publicly demonstrate pride for our University, its students,
faculty, staff and programs – and a commitment to our future.

Thank you for your support!

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