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The Fund for LSSU - Giving You a Reason to Give

Congratulations to our 2016 grant recipients!

The Fund for LSSU uses annual gifts to LSSU to address the university’s areas of greatest need and opportunity.

Through a grant process, students and full-time faculty and staff can apply to use funds from the Fund for LSSU for projects that support or enhance student education and the student experience at LSSU. The projects must fall under one of the four pillars: philanthropy, infrastructure, enrollment, and student professional development.

The 2016 grant recipients are (Applicant name - project name):

  • Julia Astromovich - Sierra Nevada Pluton Emplacement Mechanisms
  • Adam Birkeland - Underwater Research Robot Development
  • Benjamin Bryer - Lonely Planet Production
  • Scott Cooper - Michigan Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Grace Hubbell - High resolution mass spectrometry at Wayne State University
  • Martha Hutchens - Guest speaker for American Society of Microbiology meeting hosted at LSSU
  • Kevin Kapuscinski - Experimental tank-rack systems
  • Stephen Kolomyjec - Living at the Edge: Do interstate corridors serve as linear dispersal routes for terricolous lichens?
  • LSSU Athletics Department - Telecom/Video Production Practicum
  • Emily McGrew - Michigan Environmental Health Association Conference
  • Lucas Meehan - Preventing Symptoms of Iron Loading Disease with Early Diagnosis
  • Lori Oliver - Recruitment of Nursing Students
  • Lori Seguin - Women's Club Hockey Development
  • Melissa Shaffer-O'Connell - National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
  • Victoria Steffke - National Student Nurses Association annual conference
  • Student Athletic Training Association - GLATA annual conference
  • Brittany Wallo - Tethered Observational Autonomous Drone (T.O.A.D.)

2015 grant recipients:

2014 grant recipients: