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LSSU Gift Acceptance Policy

General Statement All philanthropic giving for the University will be given through the Foundation. All Foundation programs and activity will be toward the exclusive benefit and advancement of the mission of the University. Overview The purpose of Guidelines for Gift Acceptance for the LSSU Foundation is to provide prospective givers, donors, foundation officers and board members, and related university staff a guide to accept charitable donations in many forms for the mission and work of Lake Superior State University.

A gift is generally something of value given by someone to another person, group or organization without any expectation of return.

Charitable giving in America represents gifts to a variety of people, groups, or organizations in the range of $150 billion last year.

Because the Government of the United States encourages this type of activity, it affords deductions, credits, carry-overs, and other reduction of tax burden to those people and organizations both public and private who give to government recognized charities.

These guidelines will take a common sense approach in accepting gifts to the Foundation for LSSU.

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