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Senator Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship

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To Philip A. Hart, U.S. Democratic Senator from Michigan, 1958-1976, politics was a public trust to be earned and kept by public officials. Senator Hart earned the title of "conscience of the Senate" in reflection of the way he conducted his politics. For Senator Hart, politics was the noble art of governing and governing was about building a better future for our children and our children's children. Education, the environment, civil rights and economic opportunities for all citizens -- these were his causes to build that future.

Just prior to his death from cancer in 1976, Senator Hart requested a single memorial. He chose a small state university a few miles from his Mackinac Island home. He chose a place where many students are the first in their families to attend college and often need financial assistance to pursue their college goal. In a state with many larger state colleges and universities, he chose one that matched his ideals of opportunity and service. He selected Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. In 1976 the University stated its purpose in a single sentence – a statement that holds true today – "To prepare students to function as effective citizens capable of making thoughtful, mature contributions to their society." Maybe it was that sentence that caught Senator Philip Hart’s eye.

The Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship Endowment provides scholarship awards to LSSU students whose ideals and goals reflect those of the senator with selection based on academic achievement and demonstrated interest in public service, as reflected through leadership roles and volunteer activities in their school and community. The scholarship is a full-time tuition award and is renewable based on meeting the distinguished scholarship renewal criteria. Graduates of Michigan high schools or community colleges planning to attend Lake Superior State University are encouraged to apply.


In Memoriam...

Jane B. "Janey" Hart, recipient of an honorary doctorate at Lake Superior State University in 1999 and whose family established the Sen. Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship at LSSU in the name of her late husband, died Friday, June 5, in West Hartford, Conn. She was 93.

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