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English and Communication Scholarships

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Marion Strahl Boyer Scholarship
Marion Strahl Boyer was born in Wells, Michigan near Escanaba. After growing up in Wisconsin she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Art Education and began a journalism career at the Escanaba Daily Press. She left there to attend the Art Center in Los Angeles, majoring in photography and studied under Ansel Adams. She was immediately hired by Life Magazine and became one of its first female photographers.

After WWII, she spent 12 years in the Panama Canal Zone, returning to the Upper Peninsula in 1959, when she attended Northern Michigan University. From 1960 until 1970, she was a photographer and journalist for the Sault Evening News. In 1970, convinced that new journalists were not getting proper training, she renewed her teaching certification and began teaching English and Journalism at the Sault Area High School, retiring in 1980.

Since her retirement, she has kept busy in family businesses and continues with her writing and photography.

Her strong appreciation for the English language led her to endow this scholarship, hoping that students receiving the scholarship will develop a similar love for the language. Successful candidates must be majoring in English or pursuing a teaching degree with an English minor and has earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher. First preference will be given to a student(s) from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Candidates must be a non-traditional student(s), however if there is no eligible candidate, a junior or senior majoring in the English curriculum may be considered.

Peter C. Gianakura Journalism Scholarship
This endowment was established by Catherine Gianakura Rogg to honor her father, Peter. Longing for a career as a photojournalist, Peter was unable to pursue his education due to his commitment to his father's business, The American Café, and his family. Upon retirement from the restaurant business, Peter is very active in the LSSU Elders program and is fulfilling his intellectual curiosity and previous aspirations of a formal education through this lifelong learning program. The scholarship is to be granted annually to a student who is seeking a career in Journalism, with particular interest in being a reporter.