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SoHO: South Hall Opportunity (The South Hall Renovation Project)
Now known as the R.W. Considine Hall

Lake Superior State University has the unique opportunity to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for students and collaborative space for the community, while preserving an important historic building on campus, with an extraordinary 3:1 matching opportunity. 

Poised for growth, the School of Business at LSSU will find a permanent home at the completion of a $12 million construction project to renovate South Hall. Privately raised funds, plus a 3-to-1 match from the project’s largest funding source – the State of Michigan – will total the $12 million needed to complete the pivotal renovation and revitalization project with SoHO: The South Hall Opportunity.

The facility will serve as a destination point for students, scholars, leaders and executives-in-training, and provide a literal and figurative heart for the School of Business to collaborate on joint ventures and partnerships for important strategic initiatives. The renovated South Hall will promote a sense of permanence and commitment to the future of the School of Business and the University.

For more information on how you can help build better education at Lake Superior State University, contact the LSSU Foundation at 906-635-2665 or email

South Hall Ground Breaking Ceremony


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