The LSSU MI GEAR UP program is a jointly funded college access program for a specific cohort of secondary students in targeted secondary schools.  The U. S. Department of Education funds GEAR UP, the State of Michigan through the King Chavez Parks Initiative funds College Day and Lake Superior State University funds the LSSU educational outreach endeavor as well as facilitates the existence of the program with additional assistance from collaboration with the LSSU Learning Center, and the LSSU Department of Student Affairs, as well as numerous members of the LSSU faculty, administration and staff.  The Michigan Campus Compact supports the engagement of college student volunteers in the program as CPVs, a cornerstone element of the program framework.

The student cohort is identified by their enrollment in targeted schools.  The present LSSU MI GEAR UP outreach activity began with the students as 7th graders in 2011-2012 and will move with the students through successive grades over the ensuing 7 years. The program is intentionally designed to help students envision post-secondary education for themselves, whether through vocational, certificate or college programming.  We seek to help the students stay focused on their educations while still in middle and high school.  We encourage them to seek out learning opportunities and take challenging courses.  And we encourage them to remain in school and graduate.  In addition to its primary focus on the MI GEAR UP cohort student, the program seeks to facilitate a ripple effect, positively impacting on the sources of influence which assist students to be successful in school and pursue post-secondary education. Services provided to the participating MI GEAR UP students consistently include opportunities to interact with LSSU university students.  The college students are known as College Positive Volunteers or CPVs.  LSSU CPVs not only share their encouragement of the youth, they also offer students educational enrichment opportunities such as visits to LSSU laboratories or learning facilities.

For more information regarding GEAR UP, please contact Shelley Wooley, the program director