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Our Geology program is situated in the northern edge of the Michigan Basin in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The classic Pre-Cambrian exposures of the Canadian Shield are immediately to our north. This affords us the unique opportunity of exploring geology that is only found in our area and is not available elsewhere. Many of our courses have outdoor field trips to observe and work with these unique geologic features.

Our program also engages students in extended field trips in which students actively experience hands-on work with other unique geologic environments in North America. The map below shows the field sites visited by LSSU Geology students over the past three years. Travel to these exciting geological provinces is a part of every student's sophomore and senior year. Students routinely work with the world-class geology of the Black Hills and also visit such places as Death Valley and southern Appalachians.

Geology Club is actively involved in outdoor activities and informal field trips. These trips are student led and are fun, educational, profitable because the Club collects minerals and rocks for resale, and oh by the way, did we mention FUN?!!


LSSU Geology Field Sites, 2011-2013


LSSU Geology Students in the Field


Sheep Eaters Cliff - Yellowstone, Wyoming


Lookout Peak, Oregon


Badger Pass, Montana


Stromatotoporoid Fossil, Lexington Kentucky


Devils Tower, Wyoming


Devil's Lake, Baraboo Wisconsin


Nemo, South Dakota


Woodall Shoals, South Carolina


Spring Mountains, Nevada


Taylor Mine, Baraga Michigan


Examining an Outcrop in the Appalachian Mountains


Grand Canyon, Arizona


Williams Gold Mine, Hemlo Ontario


South Dakota Badlands


Groundwater Study of the St Marys River, Michigan


Norris Geyser Basin, Wyoming


Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan


San Andreas Fault, California


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