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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The LSSU geology program is at the forefront of developing innovative geoscience curriculum and assessment of student learning. We emphasize active hands-on student learning and this includes active involvement in undergraduate research. The opportunities available at LSSU allow undergraduate students to become actively engaged in interdisciplinary research projects that are both cutting-edge and publishable, not very common in undergraduate programs nationally.

Regardless of what career path students choose upon graduation from LSSU, research at the undergraduate level is a valuable experience! Employers value research because it demonstrates the ability of a student to design and complete a project involving analytical and written skills. Graduate schools view undergraduate research experience as a head start on the skills that students will need to complete masters or Ph.D. theses. Unlike the other sciences at LSSU, the Geology program does not require an undergraduate senior thesis; however each of our geology professors is committed to providing undergraduate research opportunities for LSSU Geology students. .

Paul Kelso and Alyssa Bancroft are involved in their own research specialties and work together with Dr. Joel Mintzes, a national assessment expert from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, in research related to geoscience education. Kim Churchill, an LSSU geology student, is currently assisting with the geoscience education project. This work has resulted in national conference presentations and an article published in the Journal of Geoscience Education, co-authored with Amy Englebrecht, an LSSU geology alumnus who is now pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of California Berkeley.

Student opportunities are available in:

  • Alyssa Bancroft''s Conodont and Biostratigraphy Research Program
  • Paul Kelso's Paleomagnetic Research Program
  • Matt Spencer's Paleoclimate Research Program

Geology student Andrew Dennison with Matt Spencer, presenting the results of their research at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting, 2012


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