COVID-19 Testing

Appointments for COVID-19 PCR rapid tests are available at the LSSU Health Care Center by calling 906-635-2110.  Conveniently located within 0.5 miles (0.8 km) of the Canadian border.

  • Results are provided within 15 minutes
  • Testing approved for Canadian border crossing
  • Testing payable through insurance in certain situations

This test is payable through insurance, if you are symptomatic, had direct exposure, or need a pre-surgical COVID-19 test. If you want a test for a non-medical reason (e.g., travel) the cost is $50. Appointments for the COVID-19 PCR tests are available to the general population.

We are also performing COVID-19 PCR testing for those crossing the Canadian border. Our tests are approved and accepted by the border. The cost is $50 and documentation for border crossings is provided upon the completion of the test.

Appointments are required for all COVID-19 tests. Call to schedule an appointment 906-635-2110.