Honors Council: Faculty Involved for You

The University Honors Council, chaired by the Honors Program Director and in concurrence with the Provost’s office, is responsible for formulating policy and procedures for the University Honors Program.  The council is composed of faculty representatives from the academic units and two student representatives.

Dr. Jason Swedene

Dr. Jason K. Swedene, Chair (Humanities and Philosophy)

Dr. Robert Hildebrand

Dr. Robert Hildebrand (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. H. Russell Searight

Dr. H. Russell Searight (Psychology)

Dr. Hutchens

Dr. Martha Hutchens (Biology)

Professor Elizabeth Parks (Theater)

Dr. Steven Johnson (Dean of Natural Sciences and Environment)

  • Teresa VanDyke, Co-President
  • Moriah Reed, Co-President
  • Brendan Lukomski, Vice President
  • Alyssa Burnash, Secretary / PR
  • Sierra Strutz, Senior Representative
  • Natalie Nowak, Junior Representative
  • Ren Johnson, Sophomore Representative
  • Kylee Lund, Freshman Representative