For Faculty: Teach an Honors Course

Dear Colleagues,

Do honors students need you?
Yes, honors students need you.

What do they need you to do?
They need you to consider teaching an honors course.

How can I help?
You can contribute to their needs by teaching a section of a course already on the books, such as a general education course (e.g., COMM101-H01). Or, you may develop a new course (e.g., HONR 202). Since our students come from a variety of different academic concentrations, interdisciplinary courses work well to attract students and create atmospheres where students can educate each other.

What courses have been offered recently?
—A one-credit course on the history and culture of hockey.

—Another one-credit course on the history and culture of basketball.

Are honors students athletic?
Some are.

Can you get back to talking about recent courses?
Yes. Multi-credit courses on the Environment and Culture of Japan, the Origins of Human Nature, and the Superhero in American Culture are currently on offer. These classes supplement composition and communications sections.

How many students are in the average section?
Somewhere between 12 and 17.  (A recent section was reported by King Solomon to have 14.5 students.)

Does the curriculum committee need to approve honors courses?
Not at first. Honors courses are created much like special topics courses. The Honors Council approves them and they may be run a few times without going through the curriculum process. The Honors Program Course Proposal form is attached to this email.

Should I also submit a basic syllabus with my course proposal?
Yes. It allows us to promote the course through advising when we can speak with a degree of familiarity about your course’s texts and methods.

Should I also indicate to Jason Swedene what semester I would like to teach this course?
Yes, of course.

When is my proposal due to Jason Swedene?
Because he has to get paperwork to the Honors Council and to the Registrar, it is due Friday September 13, at 5:00 p.m.

When will I find out if my course is chosen?
Within a week. Please keep in mind that there is sometimes a queue of potential courses, and even though we do our best to accommodate students and faculty, the Honors Council may ask you to revise your plans just a bit to produce the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number.

What should I do if I have questions or just want to talk over a potential idea?
You should call Jason Swedene at x2122 or email him at .

Honors Program Course Application