Honors Thesis Project

The honors thesis is a requirement of the honors degree. The thesis is a major written work of either research or a creative effort. The work is to be carried out and completed under the supervision of a full-time LSSU faculty member who is knowledgeable in the area.

Research is intended to be widely interpreted and may include, but is not limited to, experiments, analysis of existing data, and a summary and integration of already completed but dispersed research. The creative thesis should include a written analysis of the creative work, describing the motivation for it, its relation to other work in the area, and its relation to the current direction of work in the area. All academic disciplines lend themselves to thesis work.

In all cases, your thesis must be presented as a significant piece of writing and a public oral presentation that places your work within an academic framework. The written work must provide a synthesis of the relevant scholarly literature and analyze your work within that context.

Examples of Recent Thesis Projects are: The effects of Energy Drinks on Stress, Philosophical Theories and Natural Disasters, Social Media and Policing, First-Generation College Students, CRISPR Gene Editing

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