Living Areas and Residency Policy

Living Areas

Living on campus at Lake Superior State University, you’ll have the chance to make long-lasting friendships and to become involved in a wide variety of University activities. Freshmen and sophomore students are required to live on campus.

Though not required, juniors and seniors may choose to live on campus, too. All housing on LSSU’s campus is within a five-minute walk of all campus facilities, including the dining hall, library, Student Activity Center and Barnes & Noble at Lake Superior State University.

  • Brady Hall – Male residence hall for freshmen.
  • Osborn Hall – Female residence hall for freshmen (large side) with limited availability to upper-class female and male (small side).
  • Village – Open to students out of high school 15 months (traditional sophomores and above).
  • Apartments – Open to students out of high school 27 months (traditional juniors and seniors).
  • Townhouses – Open to students out of high school 27 months (traditional juniors and seniors).
  • Living Learning Communities – Exceptions for certain academic programs apply.
Brady Hall
Osborn Hall
The Village
Upperclass Housing
Living Learning Communities

If you are a full-time student within 27 calendar months of the date of your high school graduation, you are required to live on campus. For this purpose, “full-time” means enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, and all graduation dates will be assumed to be June 1 of any given year.

The following are exceptions to this policy:

  • if you live with your parents within a 60-mile or three-county (Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac) radius of the main campus;
  • if residence hall space is filled; or,
  • if you have an unusual financial or health problem and are excused from living on campus by the Associate Director or Director of Campus Life and Housing

To claim any of these exemptions or special circumstances, you need to:

  • get a Housing Exception from the Campus Life and Housing Office;
  • receive permission from the Associate Director or Director of Campus Life and Housing.

Housing Application Procedure

All students who are required or requested to live in campus housing must complete the housing application and return it to the Campus Life and Housing Office. The date we receive your application and payment establishes your priority. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request; however, decisions are based on space availability. Private and low-occupancy rooms are extremely limited in certain areas.  Private rooms or apartments may be available on a limited basis at an additional charge.

Supplying Your Living Area

Turn your room into a comforting home away from home with the Residence Hall Linens program. Housing has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide our students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have everything you need for life on campus. The extra long sheets and bedding products are guaranteed to fit all of the beds on campus, and there are matching towels and even storage items available to help make the transition to college life easier. All products are guaranteed until graduation, and shipping is free for all Value Pak orders. Parents and students who have taken advantage of this opportunity in previous years recommend placing your order early since popular colors and patterns can sell out quickly.  Please visit the RHL website or call (800) 957-4338.

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