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Application is available now!

Being a Resident Advisor is a rewarding and demanding experience. RA make a difference in the lives of fellow students by supporting them and fostering communities. Being a RA will challenge you to grow both personally and professionally. The experiences you gain in this role will serve you well for the rest of your life, no matter what career you may choose.

Steps To Apply For A Resident Advisor:

  1. If you meet the RA qualifications and want to make a difference in students’ lives at LSSU, we encourage you to apply!
  2. Attend an information session about the position held in late November, December, and January.
  3. Fill out an application, 3 reference forms, and complete a background information form. Be sure to have an updated resume and cover letter!
    1. The reference forms can be from current RA, LSSU Staff or Professors, previous employers, teachers, or mentors. It is recommended that references do not come from family or extended family members.
    2. Answer the following essay questions within your application
      1. How would you help enhance a residents on campus living experience?
      2. Describe an issue that students face and how you would support them in their challenge.
      3. What would you do to help residents feel they belong on campus and in campus housing?
  4. Participate in the interview day on February 19th or February 20th.


References will be emailed to the references listed. Please follow up with your references to ensure that they have received the reference form.

Questions and references can be emailed to .

Required Application Materials

Position Descriptions

Important Dates

Information SessionsNovember 17th – Brady Hall 8:30pm
November 18th – Cisler Davis 7:30pm
December 1st – The Village 7:30pm
January 19th – Osborn 8:30pm
January 20th – Cisler Davis 7:30pm
Resume and Cover Letter WorkshopsJanuary 18th – Brady Hall or Osborn Hall 8:00pm – OR Join us via Zoom
January 26th – Brady Hall or Osborn Hall 8:00pm – OR Join us via Zoom
Application DeadlineFebruary 7th, 2022
Reference DeadlineFebruary 10th, 2022
Interview DaysFebruary 19th
February 20th