BCBSM Insurance Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan provides insurance coverage for LSSU eligible employees. Below you will information and links to valuable information regarding the BCBSM insurance.

If you should incur charges from outside the BCBS claim area or from a non-participating provider, please complete the appropriate claim form and submit to BCBS for possible reimbursement:

Every employee group has a particular summary of coverage or what BCBS will cover for specific medical items. These summaries include information on medical, prescription (ARORx), dental and vision benefits (Heritage Total Services). The summaries of coverage for each employee group are below:

Health and Wellness Information

As a BCBSM insured employee with LSSU, you have access to a variety of online services through www.bcbsm.com. You can create an online account using your BCBSM information and obtain a variety of health and wellness services.