Redefining the Classroom

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  • Planetarium is humming with new gear, timeless sky (more)
  • Picture-perfect evenings for photojournalism (more)
  • Mock dorm room fire demonstrates clear present dangers (more)
  • Magic Haas Fairy delivers new lathe for School of Engineering and Technology
  • Classrooms gain latest technology for hearing-impaired (more)
  • Photojournalism student nabs Super Blood Moon (more)
  • Upper Peninsula artist Scott Maki's work in Arts Center gallery through Nov. 20 (more)

Beautiful Scenery. Endless outdoor opportunities.

LSSU is located in the picturesque Upper Peninsula overlooking Lake Superior and just minutes away from a seemingly endless list of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Going beyond the traditional classroom.

Video: Sam Day

We're preparing students for a world where the only constant is change. Our students go beyond the traditional classroom experience with real-world, hands-on, engaged learning.

Outstanding value for your college education.

Did you know LSSU is one of the most affordable universities in Michigan?

A vibrant and fun college community.

Lakers become more than themselves by carving out a sense of space that goes beyond the physical confines of campus and helps improve the lives of others.