Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

The  Human Subjects Institutional Review Board or IRB is a compromised of campus faculty and community members.   It is a team that ensures that Administrative law and government regulations/policies are being followed during research and data collection.   It also ensures that research by students or faculty are conducted in an ethical and legal manner.  All research proposals are reviewed for compliance and offers suggestions on correct data collection.

This web page is a central location for:

  • IRB policies and procedures
  • the approved IRB proposal forms
  • to understand the policies the IRB has set in place
  • links to resources and tutorials on writing research and citing references

List of Current Members

Dr Ron Hutchins, IRB Chair
Academic Dean, Division of Health & Safety
IRB – Research Integrity Officer (RIO) for Research Misconduct

Dr Kirk Mauldin
School of Social Sciences

Dr Mary Reynolds-Keegan
School of Nursing

Dr Russ Searight
School of Psychology

Jody Susi
School of Kinesiology

Dr Jason Swedene
School of Communication Studies & Fine and Performing Arts

Dr Martha Hutchens
School or Biological Sciences

Dr Adam Mosey
School of Physical Sciences

Dr David Finley
Deciding Official (DO) for Research Misconduct