Business/Group Rules & Regulations

Friday, August 24 from 12:30 – 3 p.m.

Main Contact: Joe Loomis; Phone 906-635-2602, Email

Location: Student Activities Center located in the Norris Events Center.

Parking: Please park in Lot B located in front of the Norris Events Center.

Check-in/Set-up: Check-in begins at 11 a.m. in the Student Activities Centermand all participants are asked to have their table displays set up by 12 noon.

Set-up: Groups will be provided one 6′ table and two folding chairs. You may request additional space and electricity. Special request are not guaranteed and will be filled in the order of registration.

Contracts/Service Agreements: The signing of or entering into contracts, service agreements, or similar documents is prohibited during Lakerpalooza.  You may have a sign-up sheet for students to request additional communications from your business/agency.

Students should be able to walk away from Lakerpalooza with a lot of information and be free to make contractual or binding agreements at a later date/time.  Students should also have the opportunity to consult with family members before entering into a contract or service agreement of any kind.

Products/merchandise: The selling of products/merchandise is prohibited during Lakerpalooza. Giveaways are allowed and strongly encouraged! 

Reservation Confirmation:  Confirmation information will be emailed upon receipt of registration.  Table assignment and event map will be emailed the week of the event.  Lake Superior State has the right to refuse registration requests.