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Krystal Bosley

Krystal Bosley

Hometown: Drummond Island, MI

What attracts you to political science and what are your short/long term professional plans?

The study of political science/law is basically the path of least resistance for me. It is a subject that has always interested me, and one that I have proved to be naturally insightful in. Studying political science isn’t just the study of how governments function or how it is composed, but the study of why it exists and to what ends. In short, it is the study of what makes everything else possible.

From the time I was a small child I have wanted to be a lawyer. I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything else. After I graduate from LSSU in the spring of 2011, I plan on attending law school and pursuing a legal career in a field that I have not been able to narrow down as of yet.

Has a school the size of LSSU made a difference?

The size of LSSU was a deciding factor in my choice to attend. I graduated with a class of just twenty-three people. At the time of my high school graduation I did not feel ready to attend a school with upwards of 10,000 students. Throughout my years in high school I learned that I flourish in personal settings where I feel comfortable. I think that the size of LSSU is perfect for shaping young men and women into confident and successful adults who are able to compete in the real world.

What determined your coming to LSSU ?
Any unexpected benefits that might interest another EUP student?

Aside from the small size of Lake State , the other deciding factor was the Political Science department. Prior to applying to LSSU I had heard nothing but positive things from alumni about the program offered here. Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Conboy have been excellent mentors for me. Attending LSSU and being from the EUP does have benefits. I personally think it makes the transition into college life a little easier on us yoopers and there are scholarships that are offered exclusively to students from the EUP.

Are you currently working up a senior thesis project?

Thinking of a senior thesis project intimidates me immensely. I am doing a country study for my POLI 463 American Defense Policy class and it has sparked my interest in U.S. relations with foreign countries, especially since 9/11. I think I could come up with an interesting topic in that area. However, I am only finishing up my sophomore year so I have a bit longer to refine my topic.

Have you had a neat moment that makes all of the studying and working worthwhile?

I am fortunate enough to recall numerous moments that make all the hard work and endless studying worthwhile. These moments often occur after my Political Philosophy classes. When I walk out of the library after spending hours trying to wrap my mind around complex concepts regarding the origins of government, the roots of morality, and the true nature of humanity, I feel as if I have really reached a milestone in my understanding of why things are they way they are. That to me is a precious realization.

Have you had any summer internship experience or jobs?

This coming summer I have an internship at Bias & Fabry PLLC, a local law firm here in Sault Ste. Marie.

What are some of your outside interests?

I love to travel and be exposed to different people and cultures from all over the world.

Are there any scholarships that you’ve received?

As an entering freshman at LSSU I received the Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship, the Richard I. Blakenbaker Memorial Scholarship, and the Michigan Merit Award.

During my Sophomore year I was granted the Patrick M. Gagliardi Scholarship in addition to the three mentioned above.

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