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Brandon GerigBrian Applegate is a fire science generalist from Chicago Ill., with a public administration minor. He is a certified firefighter/paramedic with skills to get into management.

"My public administration minor will give me an advantage when it comes to supervising co-workers and getting promoted to an officer in a fire department," says Applegate.

LSSU's dedicated three-story fire lab made all the difference to Applegate.

"Our certification training classes offered real situations," he says.

Students practice victim search techniques while controlling and extinguishing fires. Applegate says his favorite exercise was the live fire flashover simulation.

"We saw how fires evolved as they burned," he says. "It’s as close as you can get to the real

thing and still have fun."

The fire science program at Lake Superior State University was the first accredited four year degree in the United States. It is an outstanding program which allows the students to obtain both a strong academic degree as well as hands-on fire fighting training. The fire service is requiring more academic preparation from their people and our graduates are prepared, and in demand!

Students at Lake Superior State University learn the skills necessary to be an integral part of their community. Nursing, Exercise Science and Athletics Training students study and intern at area hospitals and outpatient facilities. Criminal Justice and Fire Science students gain hands-on experience working with community members. Education student acquire leadership experience through the Master's program. LSSU offers these programs because it believes in a strong community. Lake Superior State University - Redefining the Classroom.

Applegate even has a job lined up after graduation.

"I’ve spent two summers interning with the Glenwood, Ill., fire department, about 25 miles south of Chicago," he says. "It has two operating fire stations staffed 24-hours-a-day that protect about 10,500 homes and businesses."

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