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International Business

Noel GrangerWhat is your major and minor, and year at LSSU?

My major is International Business and I am planning on earning a minor in Spanish. However, I might be double majoring in Marketing! I am a freshman at LSSU and really excited for the next 4 years!

What lead to any mix of disciplines in your area of study; what are your short/long term professional plans?

I want to work with a company that handles International trade or branches out to other countries. I am very interested in the Latin American culture and I am hoping to study there for a semester or the summer. Some of my interests in companies include non-profit organizations, such as Girl Scouts.

Has a school the size of LSSU made a difference?

Yes, the main reason I picked LSSU as the university to attend was the size.  In high school, my response to the question, “what are you looking for in a college,” was simply this, “ My goal is to find a school that suits my interests and has a student-teacher ratio that allows the teacher to know my name and have time for my questions. I would like to be able to sit in the front of the class and enjoy the knowledge around me.” After completing my first semester of college, I feel like I have accomplished my goal of finding a small school that really cares about the education of their students. The size of the actual campus is nice as well, if I want to study at the library, the commute to the library is less than 5 minutes if I am walking slowly!

What determined your coming to Lake State? Are there any unexpected benefits that might interest a potential student to your area of study?

When I initially did my college search, I had in mind to attend a small private college. I knew going to a large college was out of the question for me because I enjoy the quiet, small town atmosphere. The LSSU brochure was mailed to me and I began to look through it and was impressed with the programs they offered and the student to teacher ratio. When I came to visit the campus, I felt like I was at a small private school. I was able to financially afford this school, where a private school I was unable. While I was there, I was introduced to the international business program by my admission advisor. My initial goal was to major in business administration, however, I recently attended a trip to the United Nations. After the trip my mind had been made up, and I decided to study different cultures and countries, which help be decided on attending LSSU and being part of the international business program.

What aspects of LSSU's programs have appealed to you the most?

I am really excited for the international experience part of earning my degree. I am hoping to be able to study in Latin America or Spain. Hopefully I will be attending classes there or working with a company as an intern. I am also looking forward to being a part of the International business classes, such as International marketing.

Are there any pre-professional experiences that you have enjoyed so far in your program?

During my accounting class, we were able to sit in and watch an upper level business class present their business plan. Seeing that has really motivated me to start thinking what I want to do once I earn my degree.

Have you had a neat moment that makes all of the studying and hard work worthwhile?

During high school I only took one business class. I have always been very interested in the operations on how to start a business and all the steps that it takes to have a successful business. When I came to LSSU, my first business class was Introduction to Business, the book was about an inch and a half thick full of business knowledge and I was a bit intimidated. The professor, came into the class and said almost everyday and said something very similar to these words, “When you wake up in the morning, you need to ask yourself, What are you going to learn today?”  This was the most important lesson I probably learned that entire semester. To me that was very important because it applied to not only school but life. It made me think, what am I going to do with the rest of my life. He also stressed the importance of paying attention, because when it time to sit down and write a business plans: accounting, marketing, and other business terms are going to show up. Knowing what they are will help you speed up the business plan process.

What experiences have you had before coming to LSSU?

Not yet, before I attended college I went on a United Nations Pilgrimage. It was a 12 day trip to the United Nations and Washington DC. I was motivated by the work force at the U.N. and I was impressed with the different cultures and ethnic groups that were present there. Every time I entered a room in the United Nations building, I was amazed that countries from all over the world could gather in one room, work out problems, and perform business. I rode on a bus with 50 other kids. Eighteen of the kids were from Michigan, Twenty two were from Switzerland, Six were from Canada, and Four were from the Netherlands. On the trip, I was fascinated by the different cultures that were around me.

What are some of your outside interests?

I love to dance and I am part of the LSSU dance company! It is a great way to exercise and become involved in my school. The company traveled to Traverse City and Marquette during the last fall semester. It has been a great way for me to meet new people. I love getting involved with the community. Back home and in high school I enjoyed helping out with different Girl Scout events and planning community service events. I hope, as I continue to learn and grow here at LSSU, it become more familiar with the community and can become involved in many different programs.

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