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Brandon GerigBrandon Gerig is a sophomore in fisheries and wildlife management. After he earns a bachelor's degree, he plans to enter graduate school and eventually become a fisheries professor.

His Lake State education lets him work directly with mentors such as Prof. Ashley Moerke.

"Dr. Moerke exemplifies all the qualities that I hope to have when I teach," says Brandon. "She remains actively involved with research and is completely devoted to her students."

Professors such as Moerke, who also co-directs LSSU's Aquatic Research Laboratory on the St. Mary's River, are what set LSSU apart from other universities.

Lake Superior State University's Aquatic Research Laboratory is Harvesting adult Atlantic Salmon for eggs and milt to raise next year's generation of salmon.

Fisheries and Wildlife Management programs place a strong emphasis on understanding the relationship between organisms and their habitats by blending a conceptual understanding of fish and wildlife ecology and population dynamics with practical skills obtained during laboratory and field exercises. Students graduating from this rigorous, applied curriculum can meet the qualifications of state and federal natural resource management agencies as technicians and biologists.

"They know and care about me, not just academically, but personally," he says. "The close attention I receive really makes all the difference."

Brandon has also created a few opportunities for himself.

"Federal grants through the aquatic research lab let me work on an assessment of lake sturgeon in the St. Mary’s River," he says. "I've been tracking adult sturgeon by radio telemetry in hopes of identifying their spawning areas."

Besides his sturgeon hydrophone telemetry work at LSSU, Brandon has studied adult Atlantic salmon, radio-tracked an elk herd in Canada, and banded migrating owls at Whitefish Point.

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