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Caroline Demary-ElliottMary-Ellen Hemming a senior majoring in Psychology, found the classes at Lake Superior State University provide one on one conversations that are very helpful.

Psychology is an interesting field because it allows someone the opportunity to examine and determine a reason for an individual’s behavior. Often behavior is subconscious and even an individual may not know why he/she acts in a particular manner and I find it fascinating discovering reasons for individual’s particular behavior and also why people in general behave in certain ways. Psychology is a vast area that ranges from Physiological Psychology to Abnormal Psychology to Social Psychology.

I hope to attend graduate school focusing on research in social psychology. I find patterns of group behavior interesting and also how social settings reflect on an individual’s mentality.

I feel that learning psychology and learning in general makes the studying and work worthwhile. I feel most satisfied when I can walk away from a class and know that I have learned a great deal about a subject that I am interested in. Grades, awards, and scholarships are appreciated recognition for hard work but at the end of the day if the acknowledgement disappeared I would still be content knowing that I am more aware of the world around me.

LSSU Makes a Difference

LSSU is a relatively small school and I believe for this reason I have received a better education. The close atmosphere as opposed to a larger university has provided me with an opportunity to become acquainted with my professors. The professors therefore have an opportunity to assist with problems fairly easily, especially in upper level classes.

Undergraduate Thesis

I will be working on a program evaluation for my honor’s senior thesis for the Learning Center in which I will track incoming freshman’s usage of the program and progress they make in their academic classes. I also will be doing a senior thesis project for the psychology department.

Laboratory Experience

I have enjoyed learning about the SPSS program that the social sciences use in order to determine the existence or possible non existence of significant effects of experiments. It allows experimenters the ability to quickly and quite efficiently see if the results that they have collected have been significant. The results can then be applied to other events and with more research lead to impacting theories. Hopefully the program evaluation will show results that may eventually enhance incoming students’ performance in their classes.

Other Interests

Outside of my academic commitments I enjoy dancing. I have danced here at Lake Superior State University since Spring of 2007 and have acquired great pleasure from it. Dancing pushes an individual mentally and physically outside of their comfort zone. It has made me a more confident and self-assured individual and I owe much of that to Dr. Choszczyk, who is the dance instructor here at LSSU.




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