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Rachel Claucherty-ArnoldRachel Claucherty-Arnold does not want a nine-to-five office job after she graduates, so she is finishing a degree in environment health.

"I like working in a lab, but I also really enjoy working outside," she says. "My environmental health degree allows me to do that while it opens up opportunities for travel and new experiences."

She already has a ticket to work anywhere in the United States.

"I plan to get an environmental science internship in Phoenix after I graduate," she says. "I may stay there, move back to Michigan, or head up to Alaska, where I can work in water sampling."

What made Rachel's Lake Superior State experience so unique was the practical research she did with top-notch faculty.

Our graduates succeed! With degrees in Engineering, Nursing, Education, Forensic Chemistry and other in-demand jobs, our graduates are finding work in their field.

"I really enjoyed working with environmental chemistry professor Judy Westrick and biologist Deb Stai," Rachel says. "For my senior project, we evaluated a lab method for cultivating a fungus that causes infections in humans."

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