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Accounting Major: Chris Schalk

Chris SchalkWhat lead you to accounting, and what are your short/long term professional plans?
Well, in high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to be. I was tossing around the ideas of computer programming and meteorologist. Then, in my junior year, I ended up taking an accounting class. Half way through that semester, that’s when I decided I wanted to go into accounting. Accounting just came so easy to me, and the job opportunities are great. Everyone needs an accountant. Accounting is something I could picture myself doing for a career.

My short term plans include finishing my accounting degree and working on my CMA (Certified Managerial Account) certification. After college, I plan on finding an accounting position working inside a company making important financial decisions.

Has a school the size of LSSU made a difference?
Yes, I absolutely love the small size of LSSU. Everything on campus is within a short walking distance. Also, with smaller class sizes, it’s much easier to get to know people. There are even professors I had from a couple of years ago that still remember me. It has even become difficult for me to walk across campus without running into someone I know. This has created a very positive experience for me.

How has the honors program component expanded your education experience? 

The honors program requires 21 credits of honors courses in addition to your major. The honors courses I have taken have offered an interesting and unique learning experience by covering topics that are not normally found in regular courses. Some of the topics covered include immortality and the wisdom of yoga. The subject material of the honors courses changes with each semester, so honors students have the opportunity to wait and pick an honor’s course that interests them.

What honors-track classes or projects have you undertaken this year?
Back in September, I attended the Michigan Honors Association (MHA) conference along with several other students as well as Dr. Swedene, the director of the honors program. The MHA conference is a gathering of honors students from different colleges and universities located throughout Michigan. Each group took turns describing the honors program from their campus. The main theme of the MHA conference was ethics, and our group from LSSU put together an ethics bowl, which was a Family Feud style game with questions regarding ethical dilemmas.

What determined your coming to Lake State? Any unexpected benefits that might interest another student from the Tri-City area?
There were many factors that made me chose to come to LSSU. First and foremost is the affordability combined with the scholarships I was offered. The small campus size was also a welcomed factor in my decision. Also, I like the idea of living away from home. Life in the dorms has its ups and downs, but overall I’d say it has been a good experience. I think all college students should experience living in the dorms and away from home.

Have you had a neat moment that makes all of the studying and working  worthwhile?
I wouldn’t say there was a single moment, but the overall satisfaction and experience of putting forth my best effort will pay off in the long run.

Have you had any summer internship experiences or jobs?
Yes, I have worked for Quast, Janke, and Company, which is a local accounting firm in Bay City. While there, I would join the CPAs on audits of local governments and school districts. Some of my other duties include preparing financial statements, reconciling bank statements, and working with various accounting software to record checks and transactions of clients.

What are some of your outside interests?
I enjoy a variety of activities, including swimming, table tennis, and video games. I also enjoy Magic: the Gathering, a strategy based card game. The rules can be a bit complicated, but I enjoy games that require me to think and plan. Some people find it strange about me, but I like to watch WWE professional wrestling. It is something I watch every week, and I even have a couple friends who now like to watch it as well.

Are there any scholarships that you've received?
H Thayer Fletcher Distinguished Scholarship Award
2006, 2007, 2008 received the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Award.
2006, 2007, received the Michigan Merit Scholarship Award.
2006, 2007 received the Art and Helen (Miller) Nichless Scholarship Award.


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