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Rebecca SecrestRebecca Secrest from Alanson, Michigan, is graduating with a degree in Social Science with plans to enter law school. She may pursue a career in journalism or politics.

"I am attracted to the social sciences because I love good stories. People are fascinating, and full of cool stories. That is what, in part, draws me to law as well. Law is intellectually stimulating because the issues are complex and dense and at the heart of many cases is an interesting story. My long-term goal is to work as a civil rights litigator for an institution like the ACLU, and to volunteer internationally in human rights law. I would also like to write and publish 'muckraking' stories like those that Upton Sinclair did in his book The Jungle."

"LSSU's size is perfect. I see familiar faces every day. There is a security and comfort in that. The professors are wonderful, and there is a lot of interaction in the smaller classes. The level of attention students get is the same as at a small private college, but at a great price."

"This year I've enjoyed writing for the Compass college newspaper, attending President's Council meetings, running College Democrats meetings, and speaking with Democratic organizers from all over Michigan. I hope to work for a political campaign this summer."

Rebecca is also a runner and a reader.

"I ran the Charlevoix Half-Marathon last June, the Detroit Half-Marathon this past October, and am now training for the Grand Rapids Marathon this fall. I also like reading many books."

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