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Mobile Devices

Some databases provide web pages that are specifically designed for mobile devices.

Ebrary -- Current, academic books

Ebrary has 76,000 electronic books, mostly academic, and mostly current, that you can download to your device.

  • Create an account for Ebrary while on campus, using a computer.
  • Download and install the Ebrary app from the Google Play store or the iTunes store.
  • If you wish to download a book to your device, you may be prompted to install Adobe Digital Editions and create an account.

Zinio -- Current popular magazines

Zinio allows you to read over 100 popular and current interest magazines, cover to cover, only on your computer or a mobile device. You need an Internet connection to download the magazine, but once on your device, you can read it without a live connection. Zinio if offered by the KJS Library in partnership with the Bayliss Public Library. To take advantage of Zinio, you must have a current Bayliss Public Library card. All students may get a Bayliss Public Library card by going to the public library and showing a student identification card. LSSU employees must live in the Bayliss service area, but it's broad, and most employees should be eligible. More information about Zinio.

Setting up Zinio

    • Have your Bayliss Public Library card available when you are ready to set up Zinio.
    • Go to this site, and click on Create New Account in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Type your barcode in the box and click on the Next button. Follow the directions for creating your account. Make note of your userid and password, they need to be the same for this account and your device's account.
    • Once you have created the account, you can start "shopping" for magazines. On this page, since you've already logged in as a Superiorland Library Cooperative member, you see magazines that are free for you to read.
    • Look through the magazines and click on one that looks interesting. A new window will appear. Click on Complete Checkout, and that magazine will be yours to read. If you intend to use your computer to read the magazine, you won't need to worry about another account.
    • If you wish to use a device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to read the magazines, you'll need to download the Zinio app and create an account through the app. Make sure you use the same userid and password that you did when you registered with Zinio and it should all work. If it doesn't, contact Ruth (x2124) or

    Overdrive Media -- Popular Audio and E-Books

    Overdrive is offered through the Bayliss Public Library. All students can take advantage of it by getting a Bayliss Public Library card--simply go down to the public library with your current student ID to get a card. Most employees are in the Bayliss service area, and so are also eligible to use this service.

    To Select and Download Materials

    • Go to the Bayliss Public Library web page.
    • Click on the Downloadable Audio, eBooks, and Magazines link on the left side menu bar.
    • Choose the top icon, "Download audiobooks & ebooks"
    • Sign in, using the bar code from your Bayliss Public Library card, and the last four digits of your phone number.
    • Browse through e-books and audiobooks, selecting up to four titles for check out. eBooks are checked out to you for 14 days, audio books for 7. You can't turn them in early to check out something else.
    • Once you've selected items, you can download them.

      There are many scenarios from this point. You may download the items to your computer, in which case you'll need to install the Overdrive Media Console on your computer. The link should be on the Overdrive Media pages you browsed to check out your books. From the media console, you may download audio books to supported MP3 players. You may also install Overdrive apps to your iPad or Android devices, and search for materials and download from the app. To view a book, on either your computer or your device, you'll need an Adobe Digital Editions installed, and you'll need to create a free account. This can be complicated, so if you have questions, please contact Beth (x2651) or Ruth (x2124).