LSSU Campus Digital Signage Guidelines

In 2021, Lake Superior State University was awarded a Title III Grant to support efforts to improve student success and retention.  With the goal of increasing student participation in campus events and clubs through greater awareness of those offerings, we have implemented a campus-wide digital signage system with 19 monitors in 9 buildings across campus.

Campus departments and organizations are invited to submit slides for display on the campus digital signage system, either to be displayed campus-wide or targeted to a single building, through our online submission form at  

Please adhere to the following content requirements to ensure that our digital signage best represents Lake Superior State University while ensuring readability and simplicity.

Content Requirements

  • Slides must be in landscape orientation with a 16:9 aspect ratio; a slide template PowerPoint file can be downloaded here: Digital Signage Slide Template.
  • Slides should have dimensions of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels at 72 pixels per inch.
  • Slides should be either a JPG or PNG file; JPGs work better for slides with modulated color and photos, while PNG works best for flat color images.
  • All content should come from a department, program, or campus-sponsored organization.
  • Slides should follow good design principles: not too busy, sufficient contrast, easy to read.
  • When designing, keep in mind that each slide displays for only up to 15 seconds before the next slide loads so minimizing wordiness will help viewers to be able fully read your slide before the next appears.
  • Consider including a QR code viewers can scan that leads to a web page where people can find more information about your event or organization.
  • Slides can run for up to one month at a time; exceptions may be made upon request but are not necessarily granted.  Slides that include specific event dates will be removed after the last event has passed to avoid out-of-date signage.
  • If you need help with creating your slide, you can work with Library and Academic Services staff to create the slide with your information.
  • Title III staff reserve the right to reject or edit content based on these guidelines.