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Printed materials using LSSU’s name, logo or an LSSU account must go through Graphics for production or approval.

Graphics Timelines / Request Form

New project
(Start planning 6 weeks out) 

  1. Design/layout (starts when all content is submitted): 10 days
  2. Customer allowed to proof: 2 days (additional days may be needed for multiple proofing cycles)
  3. Printing in-house: 5 days
  4. Printing at vendor: 10 days

Updates to an existing project
(Start planning 5 weeks out)

  • Edits/proof: 5 days
  • Printing in-house: 5 days
  • Printing at vendor: 10 days

Photocopies 3-5 days
(Depending on the quantity and if your project requires bindery)

Timeline begins when complete order is submitted to Graphics (ALL content is received, including text and images (jpgs, etc) 

New projects requiring design and updates to existing projects
Contact Deb at 

Note: Supplied artwork is subject to review for color, content (grammar, spelling, etc.) and layout quality.

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