Importing course data from one course to another

Navigate to the empty course shell for the new semester

The new course has to have the same number of visible topic/week sections as the old course. If it does not, go to the Administration block and open the Course Administration. Then click on Edit Settings. Change the Number of sections in the Course format section to match the old course, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Administration Edit Settings
Course Format Number of Sections

In the Administration block, under Course administration, click on Import.

Import Link

Search for the course that has the course content you’d like to copy, and select the Search button or Continue.

Search Course Content

At the next screen, select the radio button by the course that you want to import, and select Continue.

Course Import Selection

You can now uncheck any content that you do not want to import. Once you have selected what you want to import, click on Next at the bottom of the screen.

Backup Settings Selection

The next page allows you to review your decisions. Uncheck any content you do not want to import. Select Next at the bottom of the page.

Review Selection

Select Perform Import at the next screen.

Import Confirmation

The imported content should now appear on the screen as shown below.

Imported Data Example