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Below are some frequently asked questions, and their answers

Further questions, or problems, contact the Help Desk at 635-6677, or visit them on the first floor of the Administration Building.


General FAQs


What is My.LSSU?
My.LSSU is Lake Superior State University ’s upgraded web portal that provides personalized access to web services. You can customize My.LSSU so that the information and tools you need and want are available when you log in. All registered students, faculty and staff have access to course information, group tools, campus life, work life, personal calendars, email, and more -- anytime, anywhere.

How do I login to My.LSSU?
You will need an Internet connection and a browser, Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher is preferred). Point your web browser to and login using the same username and password you use for your campus email.

If you get a warning page stating “Browser Problem, popup windows must be allowed for this site”, you will need to allow popups for the domain in your popup blockers. Many browsers have built-in popup blockers, but you may also have a 3rd-party popup blocker, such as the Google Toolbar. To allow pop-ups for the domain using Internet Explorer, click on "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy", and "Sites". Then add * to the list. You can find out more about this by going to and click on helpful tips. Norton Internet Security Conflicts

What is my portal username and password?
For faculty and staff, your user name and password are the same as what you current use to access your email. If you have questions or problems logging in, you may contact the Help Desk.

And enter their PIN number to view or reset those information. If the student does not remember his or her PIN number, please contact the registrar’s office at x2682.

Is my information secure?
Security for My.LSSU is provided by VeriSign. Because most pages are actually frames within a page you may not see the key icon that indicates a secure page; however, the pages are still secure.

Your personal information on My.LSSU is protected through your username and password. Only by logging on with your username and password can your information be accessed. For this reason, it is very important that you do not share your sign-on information with anyone. No one, including support staff, needs to know your password for any reason. For your protection, it is essential that you log out of My.LSSU whenever you leave your computer so that your personal information is not exposed.

When is My.LSSU available and how long is the time-out for inactivity?
The portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some channels rely on data from systems that are down for backup and maintenance during the evening. These channels may not be available in the portal during that time.

If you forget to log out of My.LSSU, the portal will automatically time out after a certain amount of inactivity. This is a security feature that helps prevent others from gaining access to your private information (student records, financial information, your online coursework, etc.), particularly when you are using a public computer. Warning: This is not a substitute for logging out. The only way to absolutely ensure that your information remains secure is to LOG OUT before you leave the computer. Faculty timeouts are set at 120 minutes; staff timeouts at 60 minutes and student timeouts at 60 minutes.

How do I get help with My.LSSU?
For general help with My.LSSU click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen. If you have questions or problems, contact the Help Desk

Who can I contact to make comments or suggestions for the portal?
Use the Feedback Channel situated on the Home page to send your comments and suggestions to the development team.

How can I get training on My.LSSU?
My.LSSU has excellent on-line help and that should be your first resource. Click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen to view the on-line help pages. Training will be offered at the beginning of Fall semester for all faculty and staff. Watch for future announcements about training. You may also contact Sara Devaprasad ( or Kathy Spencer ( with any questions you may have.

Why don't my browser’s “back" and "forward" buttons work properly in the portal?
The best way to navigate through the portal is to use the tabs and the links within My.LSSU. The "back" and "forward" buttons in your borrower may move from tab to tab or channel to channel, but if changes have been made or other logins have been made, using the browser's navigation buttons may not have the desired effect.


Content, Channels, and Tabs


Do faculty, staff, and students all see the same view of My.LSSU?
No. Faculty and staff see a different default view of My.LSSU than students see. The content that an individual sees is determined by their role at the University. Currently the possible roles are student, faculty and staff. Individuals are presented with a different set of tabs and channels containing the default content for their role.

How do I customize My.LSSU?
You can easily customize My.LSSU by adding new channels and tabs and removing those that are not useful to you. To customize your view of the portal, click the Content/Layout link in the upper left hand portion of the screen. Click the tab you want to change. You can then add, modify, or delete columns and channels on that tab. When you are finished click the ‘back to’ link to return to My.LSSU.

If you cannot figure out how to do something on a tab, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen. Under the Portal Help Menu select How Do I... to get help on adding, modifying, or deleting columns, channels, and tabs.

How can I get back to the original look (default view) of the portal?
The default setting cannot be automatically reset. If you wish to reset any channels that you have deleted, you would need to add the channels back to your view. For help with this feature use the Portal Help Menu and select: How do I add channels.

Can I import bookmarks into My.LSSU?
Bookmarks cannot be imported into My.LSSU. You can however add bookmarks individually to the My.LSSU Bookmark channel on the Home tab.

How will I know when new channels are added?
New channels will be added regularly. Watch for a notice on the Home tab showing My.LSSU News that will describe a new channel and its location.

I have a great idea for a new channel. How can I contribute a channel to My.LSSU?
Use the Feedback Channel situated on the Home page to send your comments and suggestions.



What course communication tools are available in My.LSSU?
My.LSSU can include a course home page, news, links, message board, chat, email and more. It is up to the instructor to determine if he/she wants to use the My.LSSU communication tools. For example, an instructor may choose to use the portal tools, WebCT, or a standard web site

How do the My.LSSU course communication tools differ from WebCT?
My.LSSU's course tools are primarily for communicating with students through a course home page, message board, calendar, and groups. WebCT offers a more robust set of course tools, including automated tools for assignments, quizzes, tests, and grades.

Can the list of students that the instructor sees in the course communication tools be exported or viewed in a printable format?
No, but a work around is to highlight the text, press control-c (copy) to copy it, open up MS-Excel, then control-v (paste) to paste it and work with the list in Excel.

How often is the My Courses channel updated?
Information moves from campus databases to the portal at various intervals throughout the day and night. Some portal information is updated immediately and other data may take up to 24 hours.




Where can I learn more about the group tools?
You can read about group tools by clicking on the Help icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Groups under the Help Topics Index to access the Groups Help Menu.

How do I request a group?
Select the Groups icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen, and then select the Request Group tab. Your request will be sent to the My.LSSU Content administrator for approval. As soon as your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification. Group Studio may only be used for University business purposes. The Group Studio feature is only available to student clubs and organizations that are officially recognized through the student life office. Faculty and staff may also use the Group Studio feature for legitimate university business.

How do I join a group?
Select the Groups icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen, and then select the Groups Index tab to browse the list of available on-line groups and request membership.

I uploaded a file for my group, but some members cannot download it. Why is this happening?
Some web browsers cannot access filenames that have spaces in them. When uploading files for your group, ensure that the filenames do not contain spaces. For example, to make a file named topics to discuss.doc available to everyone, it should be stored with a filename of topics_to_discuss.doc.




Where do I find information on using the portal calendar?
To find information on the portal calendar, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen. You will see a pop-up window titled Help Center . Select Calendar under the Help Topics Index to see the Calendar Help Menu.

Why do I have more than one calendar in the portal?
Portal users may have multiple calendars. You will have a personal calendar, and you may have multiple group and course calendars.

Can I combine my portal calendars?
Yes, your portal calendars may be combined by creating a calendar set. (Keep in mind that the My Calendar channel [on the home page] will only identify events on your personal calendar.) To create a Calendar Set, click the Portal Calendar icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen. Select the Calendar Sets tab. click the New Set icon. Enter a name for your calendar set in the Set Name box. For more help on calendar sets, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the My.LSSU screen. Select Calendar and then click the Calendar Sets Tab folder.



How do I read my email in My.LSSU?
You can check your email via My.LSSU by using either the e-mail channel or by clicking on the e-mail link in the upper right hand corner of My.LSSU.

Can I access my email using Outlook/Eudora/Thunderbird?
My.LSSU is the official means of communication with the campus community. The use of other email systems would prevent you from receiving vital messages from your University constituents. Therefore, the use of outside email systems is not recommended or supported.

Can I import other email into My.LSSU?
Yes, use the import feature within the My.LSSU email to import other accounts, i.e. Yahoo, msn, charter, etc. into your My.LSSU email.

Some of my previous folders do not show up in the folder browser. How can I fix this?
On the left side of your email screen, under the word “folders”, click the “subscribe” link. Select folders that are designated as being unsubscribed in order to subscribe to them.

How can I download or open an attachment?
When you click on the email itself the attachment will be listed at the bottom of your email. By clicking the paperclip icon you will be able to download your attachment. For more information please go to and click on helpful tips.

I have been sending emails, but why are all those emails not in my Sent Items folder?
By default, sent mail messages are not saved. In order to have sent mail messages save to your “Sent Items” folder, you need to go to Options, click Message Preferences, and click on the check box next to “Save sent messages”.

Do all deleted email messages automatically get saved to my “Trash” folder?
By default, all deleted email messages are not automatically saved to the “Trash” folder. In order to have deleted messages saved to your “Trash” you need to go to Options, click Display Settings, and select the option “send to ‘Trash’ folder”.


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