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What are channels?

The displays content through channels, which are topic-specific areas that provide convenient access to information, applications such as E-mail, Calendar, Web4Students, FASS or Banner, or other Web resources you may want to access.

What are tabs?

Tabs allow for quick navigation to various channels based on your role at LSSU (Student, staff, faculty).

Content Layout

With the “My Stuff” tab, you are able to change the layout, remove or add channels, or update the number of columns on a given tab and the order of channels that it contains.

What is a group?

An online group allows you to interact with individuals who share hobbies, course of study, assignments, club affiliation, employment, or other common interests. Groups may be public or private, with open membership or membership only by approval of the group leader. Depending on the privileges given to your group, on your homepage you may be able to post photos, create Internet links, create news articles, and use resources like a dedicated chat room, message board, and calendar.

My Courses Channel

This area contains a course homepage for every course for which you are enrolled. The course homepage contains a course resource menu that provides access to the course's chat room, message board, calendar and-if you are an instructor-tools that allow you to add links to the homepage and e-mail your class.


The system provides a Web-based e-mail application that you can use to send and receive messages and maintain an address book of online contacts. To access your e-mail account, click the e-mail icon that appears in the application toolbar.


The system provides a Web-based calendar application that you can use to create and manage personal calendars, access course calendars to view information added by course instructors, and access calendars for any online groups that you have joined. To access the calendar, click the calendar icon that appears in the application toolbar.

Groups Studio

The system provides an application that allows individuals at LSSU to request the creation of online groups and maintain homepages for these groups containing resources like photo albums, Internet links, news articles, and applications like message boards, chat rooms, and calendars. Similar hompages are supported for courses taught at your institution. To access the Groups application, click the groups icon that appears in the application toolbar. To access a course homepage, access a channel that contains the My Courses channel information, access the My Courses channel, and then click on a course name.

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