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LSSU President Tom Pleger

Is a college degree still worth it? LSSU President Tom Pleger weighs in

As a university president, I am often asked about the value of college. Recently, I had an engaging conversation with several professionals outside of the Academy about the value of a four-year degree and beyond. The conversation centered around the premise that college was too expensive for most and, consequently, the return on investment was not worth it. Unfortunately, there are many who do not fully understand the value of a university education. It is more than a good job, it is much more than earning power - it is about enrichment and opportunity.
Thomas Pleger

President Pleger shares University update

Today, public higher education is changing at an unparalleled pace. Lake State continues to be an institution that provides outstanding value and access to higher education opportunities, not only for our students, but also for the communities we serve. However, we need to look toward the future and plan accordingly to position LSSU to meet the demands of Michigan and the region’s future needs.
President Pleger testifies

President Pleger testifies about tuition waiver before House committee

Lake Superior State University President Tom Pleger joined two other chief executives from Michigan universities in testifying before the state House Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee on March 2. Pleger's comments stressed the new facilities improvements at LSSU (Considine Hall, Center For Freshwater Research and Education planning), infrastructure needs, and how LSSU has been coping with the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver as mandated by the state in 1976.