Nursing Teddy Bear Clinic

Nursing hosts field day for 60-plus first graders

Nursing Teddy Bear ClinicHANDS-ON HEALTH FOR KIDS – More than 60 first-graders from the JKL Bahweting Anishnabe Public School Academy were guests of LSSU nursing students and faculty on March 14 for activities that taught the basics of health awareness and reduced the anxiety of dealing with health care professionals. Nursing students explored health education, ran a wellness check-up, and introduced kids to clinical precautions attire and isolation gear. A pediatric class had children learn with Teddy Bears how to properly cough, sneeze, and wash hands, as well as to spot, avoid, and treat food poisoning. Nursing management and leadership students coordinated tours of animal field displays and a mineral resources museum in LSSU’s Crawford Hall of Science, which also houses nursing laboratories. Faculty organizers were Charlotte Folkersma, Jaimee Gerrie, Patti Kellan, Elizabeth Phillips, and Gina Greenski. LSSU students in this picture from left are Alec Brice (from Ann Arbor, Mich.), Rachel Nowaske (Westland, Mich.), and Levi Jensen (Kincheloe, Mich.). (LSSU/Samantha Downs)

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Here is a group photo of visiting first-graders with LSSU Nursing students and faculty.

This is a gallery of photos taken during the visit.