Student Spotlight: Molly Campbell

Each summer, several students have the opportunity to learn more about their field of study (and themselves) by doing internships, research jobs, or REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates). We will be highlighting their enriching summer experiences periodically.

molly campbell
Name: Molly Campbell
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: None
Type of summer program: Full-time Paid Summer Research
Location: LSSU with Dr. Mosey
Summary of  project: This project investigates antibacterial properties of a class of compounds called dihydroquinazolines. A wide variety of these compounds were synthesized and tested against bacteria including MRSA. 
Describe a typical day:  A usual day in the lab generally consisted of: A) setting up several reactions to synthesize compounds including amides (a necessary component for dihydroquinazoline synthesis) and dihydroquinazolines themselves; B) purifying the products of such reactions, usually via column chromatography; and C) using NMR to verify the structures of the compounds synthesized.
Things the student learned about their field:
  • I learned that the possibilities are nearly endless–one idea can quickly lead to many others.
  • I became much more comfortable and competent using NMR over the summer.
  • I learned how important it is to be organized and keep a good lab notebook.
Things the student learned about herself:
  • I am definitely interested in doing further work in this field.
  • I am fortunate to be at a school like Lake State where I have the opportunity to be involved in research like this as an undergraduate.