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Desiree Barrett '08
B.S Elementary Teaching

Elementary Education

Few people make more of a difference in our intellectual growth and development than our teachers
Faculty and Staff
Beyond Learning

The School of Education is located on the first floor of the Center for Applied Science and Technology (CASET).

Donna Fiebelkorn

Dr. Donna Fiebelkorn

Assistant Dean, School of Education
BA, 1975 Michigan State University
MEd, 1991 University of Vermont
EdD, 1997 University of Vermont

Phone: 906-635-2728
Office: CASET 101E

Faculty and Staff listed in alphabetical order

Brenda Lee Cooper

Secretary III
School of Education

Phone: 906-635-2811
Office: CASET 101


Becky Davis

Becky Davis

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education ssistant Professor, Mathematics and Education
BS, 1999, Lake Superior State University
MEd, 2001, Grand Valley State University
EdS, 2010, Northern Michigan University

Phone: 906-635-2105
Office: CASET 101B


Lorraine Gregory

Dr. Lorraine Gregory

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Education
BS, 1972; BEd, 1984, University of Saskatchewan
MSEd, 1997; EdD, 2001, Duquesne University

Phone: 906-635-2154
Office: CASET 206D


Barb Light

Barb Light

Assistant Professor, Education
BS, 1990 Michigan State University
MS, 2001 Western Michigan University
EdS, 2010 Northern Michigan University

Phone: 906-635-2181
Office: CASET 101F


Mary McMyne

Mary McMyne

Assistant Professor, English & Language Studies and Education
BS, 2000 Louisiana State University
MFA, 2002 Louisiana State University
MFA, 2007 New York University

Phone: 906-635-2327
Office: LBR 301


Cathy White

Cathy White

Assistant Professor, Education
BS, Lake Superior State College;
MS, Northern Michigan University
Ed. Spec., Northern Michigan University

Phone: 906-635-2028
Office: CASET 101D


Guidi Yang

Dr. Guidi Yang

Currently serving as Director of International Education
Associate Professor, Education
BS, Shanghai International Studies University, China
MA, University of Warwick, Great Britain
PhD, The State University of New York at Buffalo

Phone: 906-635-2181
Office: International Office, LBR 208 (inside library, around to the right)


"I'm certainly proud to be a part of Lake Superior State University. Our programs provide an excellent opportunity to gain competency in your major field through challenging and engaging courses stressing theory and application, and to gain preparation for employment, clinical practice or post baccalaureate education. However, a university education is more than that, it involves the transformation of individuals from students to scholars, from receivers of knowledge to creators of new knowledge, from professional prospects to professional colleagues. The university graduate carries away more than a just a paper diploma or certificate, you will carry a breadth and depth of learning that goes beyond a particular career choice. It is your development of a lifelong commitment to learning, of an appreciation and understanding of differing ideas and ideologies, and your continued development as an individual and professional, that empowers you as a citizen, prepares you for professional service, and opens your world to new possibilities. The Personal Approach to education at LSSU centers on personal contact and I encourage you to stop by my office, or that of any of the faculty members, to discuss your career interests in more detail. I look forward to meeting you."

--Donna Fiebelkorn PhD
Assistant Dean, School of Education



Ned Zimmer

Ned is a student at LSSU in Elementary Education. Ned volunteers his time with the America Reads program, and has been assigned to the Washington School where he works in second grad teacher Laurie Robbins' classroom. There, Ned assists the teacher with reading instruction and works one-on-one with struggling readers. The boys and girls enjoy working with Ned, who is also a member of LSSU's Division III hockey squad.

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