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"LSSU prepared me for my career in a variety of ways, by exposing me to a wide range of ideas and areas of focus within my field, by developing the independent thinking and curiosity that would be required to pursue graduate work, and by fostering the confidence that I could make it happen. LSSU really did put the foundation under my aspirations; in fact, it allowed me to develop these aspirations in the first place."

Christopher Fink, PhD
Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Physical Education Department, Ohio Wesleyan University

Exercise Science (& Health Fitness)

Many of our graduates are sought after because of their LSSU education
Faculty and Staff
Involved Faculty
Jody Susi

Jody Susi, MSS

B.S. 1998, Lake Superior State University; M.S.S. 2004, United States Sports Academy


“Students have a wide variety of opportunities available during their academic career. One of the favorites, for students, staff and faculty, occurs during Exercise Prescription class, when students are assigned to train a faculty or staff member for a semester. The volunteer list is always full and students are quick to jump at the chance to “turn the tables” on the staff and faculty. Students also do a great job learning proper Exercise testing procedures in the Exercise Science laboratory. They treat the laboratory as a second home, meeting to do homework, testing, or to hang out. It is rare to find the room empty, and that is good, as it shows how they are assimilating into their future professional environment.”

--Jody Susi

Kiwanis Scholastic Award...

Alpena, Michigan

The annual citation goes to a senior athlete who achieves the highest academic competence. Amanda Pieczynski, from Alpena, Michigan, is an exercise science major with a 3.9GPA.

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