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Alum Success

Chris and has been active in the Geology Club and completed two intensive field camps. He has left already to start his graduate program at the University of Nevada in Reno with research in structural controls related to geothermal energy in association with the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Christopher Dankoff
2010 Outstanding Graduate


Interpret the movements of the continents; understand the formation of mineral deposits, oil gas and coal; attempt to predict natural disasters

Many colleges and universities will tell you they offer hands-on experiences, but our students work in unique geologic environments around the world! Lake Superior State University's ideal location along the northern edge of the Michigan Basin, with classic Pre-Cambrian exposures of the Canadian Shield, affords our students the opportunity of exploring geology that is unique to this region.

More than just rocks...

Geology deals with the dynamic Earth and its physical, chemical and biologic history. It involves the study of changes in the land, some of which are still taking place, and the forces that cause these changes. For example, geologists interpret the movements of the continents over geologic time and the formation of mountains, volcanoes and other features of the Earth's surface. Geologists attempt to understand our physical environment from which we derive most of the natural resources essential to civilization.

Russell White pulls a lava sample for analysis

Geologists investigate the processes that led to the formation of mineral deposits, oil, gas and coal. They also study how changes to the Earth and the development of life are related. Geologists attempt to predict natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. They study groundwater flow to develop water reserves for municipalities and to protect the water from contamination. Geologists study the constraints imposed by nature and apply their knowledge in an attempt to achieve harmony between the human race and its environment.



Average Salary of Graduates (NACE)

  • $40,430
Nationally Recognized

LSSU Geoscience Program is recognized in top journal, The Leading Edge.

"For me, one of the highlights of this section is Paul Kelso and Lewis Brown's article about the top-to-bottom of his revamping of his school's geoscience education program. As a result, the program was reoriented to place practical field experience as a driver. I hope the accomplishments of Kelso and his associates will likewise inspire you." [ Read Article (pdf) - reprinted with permission: October 2008 issue, The Leading Edge ]

--Steve Hill
President Elect
Society of Exploration Geophysicists

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Graduate School Bound...

Kim Churchill Geology

"I've been accepted to Montana Tech's graduate school to pursue a master's degree in geophysical engineering. I have also accepted a full-funded graduate research assistantship to work with the Montana National Guard on developing magnetic techniques to detect unexploded ordinance. My summer internship with Geolex, a company under contract with the Guard, will study acquiring data, performing analysis, and offering interpretation on unexploded ordinance." [ more ]

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