Statewide Secondary Articulation Agreements

Michigan Career Technical Education

Career and Technical Education

Articulated Credit

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) recognizes the excellent academic achievement of students completed through the Career and Technical Education programs throughout the state by awarding university credit for this work completed while in high school. Through this partnership students are able to begin their university studies by completing their CTE curriculum.

CTE Articulations provide many benefits, including saving on university costs, reducing the time needed to earn a degree, and reducing the duplication of content between high school and university. LSSU’s statewide agreements mean that we recognize CTE work completed at any approved CTE center, all you need to do is complete the designated CTE program and fulfill the LSSU requirements related to the application for CTE Articulated Credit.

Requirements for awarding of the CTE Articulated Credit include:

  • Successful completion of the state-approved Michigan CTE program indicated.  Candidates are required to meet minimum performance standards which include:
    • Minimum grade of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better in all CTE required courses for the two-year program
    • 90% or higher time in attendance during the program
    • Completion of state-assessments with a passing score when available, or other end-of-course exams, portfolios, etc.
    • Positive recommendations from the program instructors and CTE director
  • Verification of the secondary CTE program completion, and a copy of the student transcript.  Please indicate the assessment that was used, and based on that assessment provide score sheets, certifications, portfolio grades and rubric, etc.

Statewide Agreement

Lake Superior State University is a proud partner with the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan High Schools, and Michigan Career and Technical Education Centers in providing direct pathways for students to continue their education after high school. Through coordinated Articulation Agreements, LSSU assists students realize a seamless and systematic transition, maximizing the use of resources and minimizing duplication of content as they move from their secondary to their postsecondary educational experience.

Statewide Articulation Partnership agreement

Application for Articulated Credit from LSSU – Aug2015

Articulated Programs

Local Agreements

Sault Area Career Center

  • Nursing Program and Paramedic Technology Program
    CIP 51.0 Allied Health 2

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