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Anna Wilson

"Lake State is a local University that gave me the option to earn my education while be located close to my family.  My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in the community and to possibly continue my education toward a Masters Degree.  I’d like to continue my work within the city and take advantage of opportunities to be more involved in local politics.  In the long term, after I’ve made myself as competitive as possible the marketing field, I’d like to get a job at a medium to large size company and work more with individual products or brands as opposed to marketing a company itself."

" Currently I am a Board Member on the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority, in which my marketing background has been beneficial.  Also, I work with the International 500 Snowmobile race as the Chairperson of the Non-Race Events Committee and I work in the pits doing timing for the race and other tasks.  I am studying snowmobile mechanics to eventually become a race official or snowmobile technician.  I compete on the Soo Co-op Credit Union bowling team and I’m continually involving myself in various community events."

Anna Wilson '06

The Registrar's Office

Printable Forms

The forms and notices below are available for download.

  • To view the form in your browser click one of the links below.
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These forms and notices are all in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Document Name



Add/Drop Information 124 KB Information about Adding and Dropping courses through the sixth day of the fall or spring semesters, or fourth day of the summer semester.
Application for Auditing a Course 90 KB Use to get permission to audit a course. Audits are designed for someone who wishes to take a particular course for its content but not be graded for the course.
Anchor Access Common Registration Add Errors 12 KB This information sheet outlines common registration add errors when adding classes using Anchor Access.
Course Registration 59 KB Use this form to register for classes In-Line. Students may register Monday through Friday at the Registrar's Office located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services.
Credit by Departmental Exam 89 KB Use to get permission to take a departmental examination for college credit instead of completing the actual course.
Credit/No Credit Application 89 KB Applications to take courses for Credit/No Credit must be completed and submitted to the Registrarís Office before the end of the Add/Drop period for the semester. Once the Add/Drop period has passed, students can Not change to or from Credit/No Credit in any course.
Directory Restriction Request 78 KB Use this form to place directory restriction on your LSSU directory information. Careful consideration should be used in submitting this form. Please read all of the directions.
Grade Appeal Record of Action 49 KB This form outlines the steps of the Grade Appeal Process.
Graduation Application 29 KB If you are planning to graduate you must complete a Graduation Application. For more information please visit
Change Graduation Information 29 KB This form is used to change your original Graduation Application information. Use this to change your expected graduation semester; change the address where your diploma is to be sent; remove minor(s); remove major (for graduates with multiple majors); change from B.S. Degree or B.A. Degree, etc.
Instructor Override for Class Registration 94 KB Use to override required prerequisites for a course or use to get permission to take courses which require the instructor's permission due to course content. Requires the instructor's signature.
Major Change Request 94 KB Students may use this form to change or add an additional degree, major, minor, and/or concentration, or change your catalog term for your Degree Audit. Note: The signature of the student and their new academic advisor is required.
Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application 516 KB This form will serve as your application as a guest student at a Michigan College or University.
My.LSSU Login Instructions and Request to Reset Password or User Name Notification 27 KB Detailed information regarding how to login to the My.LSSU portal. Also included is a form to request the reset of your password or request user name notification.
On-line Registration Worksheet - Anchor Access 77 KB This form is used as a worksheet for new students attending LSSU for the upcoming term. Included are instructions for logging into My LSSU.
Replacement Diploma request 83 KB Use to order a new LSSU diploma.
Request for Name Change 16 KB Use to change your name at the University.
Request for Residency 21 KB This form is used when requesting Michigan resident status for tuition purposes. Complete and submit the form to Registrarís Office with proper supporting documentation. NOTE: If you indicate on this form that you are providing proof from your Landlord, you must also submit the below form "Landlord Verification". Requests for residency (with all necessary documentation) MUST be received before the first day of the semester to be considered for residency status for that semester.
Landlord Verification (Request for Residency) 28 KB This form is used along with the above "Request for Residency" form when requesting Michigan resident status for tuition purposes and need to submit proof from your Landlord. Complete and submit the form to Registrarís Office with proper supporting documentation. Requests for residency (with all necessary documentation) MUST be received before the first day of the semester to be considered for residency status for that semester.
Transcript Request 4 KB Use to request an Official Transcript from the Registrar's Office.
Trial Schedule 11 KB A sample schedule for planning your semester courses.

Vision to Succeed

Robotics Industries Association

First Place
Lake Superior State University

Design and development of low cost robotics machine tending system

Second Place
University of Waterloo, Canada

Third Place
New Mexico Institute of Mining

2001 Robotics Industries Association: Robotics & Vision Show

International Scholarship Competition

June 5, 2001
Chicago, IL

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-Computer Eng.
-Electrical Eng.
-Mfg. Eng. Tech.
-Mechanical Eng.

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