Claire Meyer Featured
Where is your home town?
I am originally from Fort Benning, Georgia

What year in college are you?
Fall 2018 is the second half of my junior year.

What is your favorite part of the LSSU Kinesiology Department?
What isn’t my favorite part? If I had to chose just one, it’d be our professors. They are all so willing to work with students on anything regarding class, and they make it fun. Another perk is that the professors make it a point to get to know you, the person and not just you, the student, which makes classes even more enjoyable since they will relate scenarios to you or your classmates.

What drew you to a degree in Kinesiology?
I knew I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer, and once I found out that the degree was moving to a master’s, and LSSU was ending their program with the end of their accreditation, I had no idea what to do. I was advised by Dr. Statt in the direction of kinesiology and the rehabilitation sciences concentration when I applied. It was probably the best decision I made to go into LSSU’s kinesiology program.

What is your current favorite class for your Fall 2018 semester? 
My favorite class is my Independent Study (Health 490).  This class is clinical experience where you can get placed with one of our school’s athletic trainers.  It’s a great class to get a feel for the job and learn hands on.  What I really love about it is what you learn in the classroom directly translates and you get to see it used first hand in the real world. Quite a few times I’ve had those “Oh, that’s what my professors are talking about!” moments.

Once you graduate what is the next step for you – will you attend a graduate school or start applying for jobs?
The next step for me is graduate school. I’m going to apply to as many as I can, but my top choice is Minnesota State University – Mankato.

Once you graduate what is your choice career?
My choice career is definitely being an Athletic Trainer. I’ve been dreaming about it since middle school! The idea of blending helping others with athletics just seemed like the perfect match for me. I can’t wait.

If you could give any student one piece of advise for their Freshman year what would it be?
Reach out! Get to know the other kinesiology students around you, as well as our professors. You’ll be fast friends with so many people, and the kinesiology students are a great bunch. Trust me, you are going to spend a lot of time with those in our department so be comfortable enough to ask for help and lean on each other.