Erin SMith Featured STudent 4-25-19

Where is your home town?
I am a 2007 Sault High graduate. I live on a farm 12 miles just outside of the Sault in a small town named Dafter.

What year in college are you?

I am a 2019 graduating Senior.

What is your favorite part of the LSSU Kinesiology Department?

The LSSU Kinesiology Department is willing to work with their students and build relationships with the students. Dr. Statt reached out to me to help arrange for me to finish my degree.  That is a huge gesture.  He wanted to make sure I received what I worked so hard for and I am beyond thankful that he took the time to work with me to finish my degree.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping each student succeed.

What drew you to a degree in Kinesiology?

I grew up playing sports and was always doing something athletic.  So when it came time to go to college, I took all the things I loved and put them into one and it ended up being Kinesiology.

What class have you taken so far that you would consider your favorite?  Why?

My favorite class in my years at LSSU would have to be taping techniques and my clinical rotations when I was able to work hands on with the LSSU Men’s and Women’s basketball teams.

Once you graduate from Lake State, what are your plans?

I am a different type of graduate compared to my fellow college graduates.  I started college right out of high school. I attended for 5 years and graduated in 2012 with my associates.  I then went on to get married, have four boys, start a photography business and a hobby farm, volunteer time with Sault Cooperative Preschool, and help local elementary students learn about farm animals.  With the assistance of Dr. Statt, I was able to come back to LSSU and finish my Kinesiology degree.  I plan to continue raising my sons and once they are a little older, I plan to continue to work on building my farm into an experience for children to learn about farming and how to plant gardens, raise animals, and enjoy living off the land.

If you could give students one piece of advice for their freshman year, what would it be?

I would tell them to make the memories, be involved with the activities at the University as much as possible, get to know the faculty, staff, and students in the department you are majoring in. Make friends and enjoy the moments because it goes by FAST.