Jeanette Kymes January Student of the Month
Where is your home town?
I was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

What year in college are you?
It is my senior year.

What is your favorite part of the LSSU Kinesiology Department?
-My favorite part of the LSSU Kinesiology Department is the variety of opportunities it offers for hands-on learning in numerous settings. It fully prepares students for the real-world workforce. Also, all the professors are wonderful, and they really care about every student’s success.

What drew you to a degree in Kinesiology?
-Ultimately, it was my cross-country coach, Mr. Jim Martin, of 7 years (middle school and high school) who drew me to a degree in Kinesiology. He constantly educated the team on proper nutrition and exercise. It developed my curiosity for understanding and learning more about human movement.

What is your favorite class for your Fall 2018 semester?
-My current favorite class is Exercise Prescription (KINS444). It has allowed me to get experience in working with a stranger and help the individual try to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. To be a part of improving a person’s overall health is something I’ve always wanted.

Once you graduate, what is the next step for you – will you attend a graduate school or start applying for jobs?
-Hopefully, after graduating from Lake Superior State University, I will attend graduate school. I am applying to Winston-Salem State University, Medical University of South Carolina, and Grand Valley State University.

Once you graduate, what is your choice career?
-My dream career is to become a traveling Occupational Therapist.

If you could give any student one piece of advice for their freshman year, what would it be?
-My advice to freshman would be to not let fear hold you back in your career choice. There are always going to be obstacles and excuses no matter what you do. Think about what you truly want to learn about and pursue a career in that field. All the struggles that you’ll face will be worth it.